Travel & Culture Writing

I’ve written about travel & culture for various publications. My greatest hits below.

The Men Who Measured The Earth’s Curves – How the world’s highest peak was named after a man who had never seen it – and how a mass mail marketer unearthed its story. For Mint Lounge(WSJ India)

Decoding The Dutch – An intrepid historian dedicates his life to unearthing the real New Amsterdam, one historic translation at a time. For

Boy From The Bronx – Equal parts walking-encyclopedia and old-time jokester, historian Lloyd Ultan is on a mission to change your perceptions of his beloved borough. For

Where Speed Is Not Of The Essence  – On slow travel across India’s longest remaining metre gauge route. For Mint Lounge(WSJ India)

The Greatest Show? – The existential tightrope that the circus in India is walking. For Forbes Life India.

Track Two To The Olympics – Former Olympian PT Usha opens an athletics school to offer an alternative to the dysfunctional training of the official system, and finds hurdles that she never anticipated. Open Magazine.

In A Nowhere Land, A Metropolis Is Born – A walk through present day sites of 17th century New York. For Mint Lounge(WSJ India).

Into A Tennis Time Machine – Revisiting the Forest Hills Tennis club, decades after its heyday. Queens Courier.

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