Media & Speaking

I am available for speaking engagements & workshops around growth, retention, acquisition, paid marketing and related topics. To discuss speaking engagements or media opportunities, please email shamanth at gmail dot com

Below is a selection of my past engagements.

Mobile Groove,  Navigating the jungle of mobile ad creatives in 2019 (March 2019, podcast)

LAMA, Interview With Shamanth Rao (March 2019, interview), Retention #Wins — How Small Retention Gains(~5%) Result In Massive LTV Improvements(~30%)and a Scalable Growth Formula (January 2019, article),  UA is Entering A New Phase Of Sophistication in 2019–Are App Marketers Ready? (January 2019, article)

Liftoff,  How PuzzleSocial Grew UA Spend From Zero to $1.5 Million per Month (and Got Acquired by Zynga) (November 2018, article)

Liftoff,  3 Key Strategies to Master Snapchat Ads (November 2018, article)

App Growth Experts, How to Measure Influencer Campaigns in the Absence of Full Attribution (November 2018, article)

IIT Madras- Vajra Colloquium Series,  How Things Grow – The Unseen Forces That Drive Mass Adoption Of Technologies (September 2018, Presentation)

Adexchanger,  Mobile Apps Are Stalling On The Way To GDPR Compliance (August 2018, press)

App Masters Online Summit 2018, Advanced Facebook User Acquisition Strategies (July 2018, speaker)

App Masters Co Podcast, The Facebook Ad Creative That Will Dramatically Decrease Your CPIs (June 2018, interview)

Mobile Presence Podcast, Amazing Growth Marketing Stories & Shortcuts From The Frontlines (May 2018, interview)

Reforge, Two Strategies For De-Risking Mobile Launches (April 2018, featured expert in newsletter)

Mobile Apps Unlocked 2018Practical Applications Of Machine Learning & Automation For CRM (April 2018, panelist)

App Growth Summit 2018How Things Grow – Learning From The Masters (April 2018, speaker)

App Growth Summit 2018, The New Face of Fighting Fraud: How Fraud Has Changed (April 2018, panelist)

Adexchanger, App Advertisers Give Low Marks To Facebook’s Instant Articles And Audience Network (February 2018, press)

Mobile Growth Summit 2018, Winning Facebook Strategies For 2018 (Feb 2018, panelist)

Liftoff, Strategies To Prevent Mobile Ad Fraud & Save Your Marketing Budget (Jan 2018, webinar speaker & featured expert)

App Promotion Summit 2017, How To Create A Personalized App Experience (June 2017, panelist)

VentureBeat, IronSource joins playable ads movement with interactivity that far outperforms video ads  (June 2017, press)

GrowthStack 2016, Retention in 2017 (December 2016, panelist)

GimmeGrowth, User retention for growth (October 2016, interview)

Mobile Heroes Boston, Cracking user acquisition at scale (October 2016, panelist)

Mobile Heroes Boston, Driving Growth Through Retention & Re-engagement (October 2016, moderator)

A-List Daily, Playable Mobile Ads Get Winning Results (August 2016, press)

San Francisco Business Journal, After some initial negotiating, bootstrapped startup rides two adtech trends (August 2016, press)

MediaPost, Puzzle Solved: Interactive Ads Boost App Downloads (August 2016, press)

Liftoff – Mobile Heroes (April 2016, profile & interview)

CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, User retention and its importance for businesses (April 2016, speaker)

Mobile Growth Mini-Summit 2016, Creative Strategies For Mobile Apps (March 2016)

Applift, Mobile User Acquisition Trends For 2016 (Feb 2016, moderator)

Sequoia Capital, Mobile Growth Hacking Workshop (Feb 2016, speaker)

Axilor Ventures, Mobile Growth Jumpstart Workshop (Feb 2016, speaker)

CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, How mobile technologies are changing media consumption (July 2015, speaker)

Games Industry, PuzzleSocial builds exec team (April 2015, press)

Pocket GamerThree new hires for Daily Celebrity Crossword dev PuzzleSocial (April 2015, press)

500 startups, Mobile growth for startups (Feb 2015, speaker)

Grow Gather San Francisco 2014, User acquisition trends for the future (June 2014, panelist)

Mobile Apps Unlocked 2014, Featured expert in office hours (June 2014, speaker)

Management Paradise, Infinite Bounds 2011 (Feb 2011, press)

India Info Online, IIM, Kozhikode Organised first E-Summit (Sep 2011, press)


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